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4 years ago

Hi! I want to share my 1xbet experience

I registered 1x account in 2019, after 1 year I send all documents for verification and complete it successfully. There are always good odds for football events. Deposits and withdrawals works stable, funds credit to account within 1 day maximum

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3 years ago

Ripped off for the very last time.

I have been playing on OLG for years and it used to be ok. Of course I never got rich but once in awhile I'd get a cash out. Ever since they changed the site to my account has been broken. It acts like I'm on a time limit and also have a win allotment. Once I've hit that time or that win allotment it auto logs me out of the game, but doesn't let me know I'm logged out. It does keep taking my money though. I've even tried refresh after a bit of time and that's how I discover that I'm logged out. I've contacted support so many times over this that I feel like I'm dating them. Each time they say they are escalating my ticket, and each time nothing happens. After many months of trying to get them to fix my account I have finally lost patience and asked them to completely delete my account. I don't trust these people with my name, address and bank info at this point. The gov. should shut this site down for scamming. This is unfair gaming at it's worst.