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About eDreams

eDreams is one of the world's popular travel agency sites, founded by Javier Pérez-Tenessa and offering service since 1999. eDreams Travel has agreements with more than 665 airlines and offers you options to more than 155.000 routes, accommodation opportunities in more than 1.700.000 hotels in 40,000 different regions of the world. It compares all these options and provides you with the opportunity to choose the most suitable one among them. Thanks to its technological conveniences, eDreams provides the best holiday to the customers in the easiest way. Serving in more than 40 countries, eDreams continues its services also in Canada.

What are the Services Offered by eDreams?

eDreams has a wide variety of services. You can choose from thousands of eDreams hotel options with online services provided to you on its website. You can create your own eDreams flight and hotel packages. In addition, you can use eDreams car rental services at many different points and make a reservation for insurance service. You can find most of these services in the free application of eDreams and benefit from discount codes.

How Can I Become a Member of eDreams?

By becoming an eDreams member in a very short time, you can benefit from many facilities such as faster booking, accessing your travel information from anywhere, and not missing your flight alerts. Moreover, It is very easy to sign up for eDreams. In just 2 minutes, you can become a member with your e-mail by clicking login in the "My Account/My Trips" area at the top right of the homepage. Then you just need to confirm the verification link sent to your e-mail. For eDreams login, you can use this email and password. You can also make a reservation without signing up with the "find my booking as a guest" option.
Is Expedia membership free? Yes. Becoming a member of eDreams is completely free. It does not charge you any fees when signing up or logging in.

How to Book Hotel on eDrams?

Booking a hotel on eDreams no registration required. First, to make a hotel reservation, it is sufficient to select the date range you will stay. Then you can find the most suitable hotel for you by using many filtering options such as price range, private bathroom, breakfast included, free Wi-fi or free cancellation, etc. It is possible that eDreams last-minute cancellation. However, cancellation/change fees are determined by the hotel provider.

eDreams Payment Methods

You can find many payment options when making a reservation on eDreams. After choosing the hotel to book, you can choose the payment method you want from the next menu. You can pay with your credit card or debit card. To learn about eDreams payment terms, you can visit the site and read its terms and conditions.

Is eDreams Trustworthy?

Is eDreams trustworthy? The fact that it is so cheap should not leave any question marks in your mind about the eDreams trustworthy. eDreams is completely reliable when it comes to hotel booking, flight tickets. It even provides a refund if you find a more suitable trip to the same destination.

eDreams Reviews and Complaints

eDreams operates in more than 40 countries and has a large number of customers. Generally, the eDreams reviews are positive and contain a lot of praise. However, There are some eDreams complaints about refunds, car rentals, trip cancellations. To read and analyze eDreams customer reviews, you are always welcome to Kazan.io.

eDreams Customer Service

If you have any questions other than the above or to make a reservation, you can contact eDreams customer service from the “Can We Help?” section on the site.

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