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About Trivago

Trivago is an online search platform that compares hotels. Established in 2005, Trivago Travel is available in over 190 countries worldwide and continues to expand its work field. The platform also includes other accommodation types such as houses and apartments. Travelers from all around the world utilize the Trivago app actively to find the best deals in their accommodations. Trivago gathers the data from multiple websites and lets you see it as a list that helps you to find the most fitting options for your needs. With Trivago, there is no need to spend hours searching the internet to get the best. You simply open the app or website and type in your travel date and destination. Book your hotel in seconds for the smallest prices possible. Check out the website and download the app to your mobile phone to find the best deals on the go.

What are the Services Offered by Trivago?

Trivago is a platform where you can compare hotels and other accommodation types in over 190 countries. Trivago hotels include a huge variety of options gathered from more than 50 websites and applications so you can find the best option that fits your needs perfectly. Trivago hotel booking is easy and saves you the time you normally spend searching on the web. You can even find domestic hotels on Trivago with great deals. When you download the app to your mobile device, simply start searching for the best holiday hotels on Trivago.

How Can I Become a Member of Trivago?

To become a Trivago member, go to the website and click on "Login" at the top right corner then on "Create an Account". You can sign up using your Google, Facebook, and Apple accounts or put down your email address and password to the form. It is completely free to become a member. Trivago does not operate with a points system, so you do not accumulate any Trivago points as you book. Regardless of the additional perks, you always find the best deals with Trivago.

How to Book a Hotel on Trivago?

Booking a hotel on Trivago is easy and takes seconds. Go to the website and enter your travel date and destination in the search bar. When you find the hotel that you were looking for, click on "View Deal" and the website will redirect you to the original website that the option is listed on so you can complete your hotel booking.

Trivago Payment Methods

Although Trivago is a search platform that gathers data and redirects the customer to the booking websites, you can make payments via Trivago Express Booking. Trivago Express Booking payment options are credit and debit cards. Check out the website to learn more about Trivago payment terms.

Is Trivago Trustworthy?

Yes, Trivago is trustworthy. The company is one of the most popular accommodation search platforms globally. It is completely safe and in case of any problem, you can easily contact Trivago customer service by submitting a request.

Trivago Reviews and Complaints

Trivago is one of the most popular holiday planning sources. Considering the high demand to self-organize trend nowadays, many travelers apply this service to find the best hotel to stay. Do you want to make complaints against Trivago? In order to share your Trivago reviews, Trivago complaints, and Trivago customer service complaints, please visit our review aggregator,, including all brands, services, and products.

Trivago Customer Service

In order to contact Trivago customer service, you can send an email to the Trivago customer service email address by submitting a request from the website. Go to the "Help Center" then continue by selecting the area of your concern and fill out the form to submit an inquiry.

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