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About ecoPayz

ecoPayz is an online payments company that was founded in 2000. This company, which was known as "EcoCard" in its early years, has had great success over the years. As one of the former fintech companies, ecoPayz has a goal to provide its customer secure and easy money process. If you need a safe money transfer, you can surely choose it according to the ecoPayz customer reviews. We also would like to give more detailed information about ecoPayz company for better understanding. So, let's move on.

What are the Services Offered by ecoPayz?

In recent years, the popularity of e-commerce sites and online shopping has been increased. As a result, there is so important now to have a great payment method to pay online. The first service of ecoPayz is that it enables you to safely pay online with its card. This ecoPayz card also offers a contactless payment option when you are in a physical store or use ATMs. Another service is money transfers. Thanks to ecoPayz, you can send and receive money in a matter of minutes. For all the ecoPayz services, you can visit its website.

Which countries are serviced by ecoPayz?

ecoPayz services more than 150 nations all across the world.

Which countries are not serviced by ecoPayz?

Despite being utilized in practically every country, there are few countries where ecoPayz is not open to use. By visiting its official page you may discover where it is not available.

ecoPayz Payment methods

ecoPayz Deposit Methods

Can I Deposit Money in My ecoPayz Card? You can smoothly deposit money on your ecoPayz card. To begin, you need to log in to your account and go to the "Deposits" page. Next, you can choose one of the accepted payment methods which are location deposits, credit/ debit cards, and international bank transfers.

ecoPayz Withdrawal Methods

Can I Withdraw Money with ecoPayz? You can always withdraw your money from ecoPayz. In order to make 24/7 withdrawal requests, you should click on the "Transfer Funds" button. Then, you can make a withdrawal request by providing the required information about your bank account. Withdrawals take place within 2-6 days depending on your bank.

Is ecoPayz Trustworthy?

Is ecoPayz trustworthy? Since 2000, ecoPayz has performed amazing service to millions of consumers. Most of these clients were satisfied with its security. If you have still doubts, viewing its website can enlighten you on its safety.

ecoPayz Reviews and Complaints

As a popular payments company, ecoPayz has got thousands of customer reviews. The majority of these ecoPayz customer reviews are favorable. Customers are generally happy with its safe and quick process. Do you have any first-hand knowledge of ecoPayz? We will be glad to see your ecoPayz reviews on the website.

How Can I Open an ecoPayz Account?

It is possible to open an ecoPayz account effortlessly. You are simply required to fill in the fields after clicking on the "Sign Up" button.

ecoPayz Customer Service

Is it possible to contact ecoPayz support? You can chat live with the support team 24/7. In addition, you can contact ecoPayz customer service by sending mail.

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